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The world is grappling with severe energy issues and the need of the hour is a viable yet uninterrupted supply of clean electricity. At Evolve, we are proud to present a perpetual and sustainable energy source that is renewable and affordable.


Evolvelanka distributes select photovoltaic (pv) modules manufactured by top-notch ISO/ Globally certified factories in Germany, USA, China and India.
Our solar projects utilise hi-tech technologies such as poly crystalline, mono crystalline & thin films and we ensure a systematic and consistent quality throughout all our installations. We are known to be extremely fastidious about our vendor selection and association protocol.

  • SMA
  • LG
  • EVVO
    (Combiner boxes)
  • TIGO
    (Weather station)
  • APAR

The ‘Evolved’ Team

Our team consists of the brightest engineers and contractors with a significant experience of solar design experience. Our team encompasses thorough know how in every facet of mechanical, electrical, electronics and civil engineering.
We have completed turnkey projects across India and various other projects glabally. All our solar power plants projects are completed within the stipulated time range with an unwavering focus on detail, design, execution and maintenance thereafter.

Solar EPC

Evolve India has comprehensive expertise in designing, procuring and installing solar plants, grid-connected plants, rooftop systems and decentralized applications. We execute and commission turnkey projects irrespective of proportion and ensure strict adherence to timelines at every step of the way.
Our vast experience ensures seamless concept to completion of any project, besides customization as per individual needs. We offer extensive solutions for homes, commercial or industrial projects

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Solar modules

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Combainer Boxes & Strctures

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Cables & Others

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623 B, Nawala road, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka.


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